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Q.What will I need and how much will it cost to bond someone out of jail?
A.  In order to determine what you will need to post a bond, we must obtain some basic information on both the defendant and the person wishing to secure the bond. Please call our office and we can promptly obtain the info needed and provide you with the details of what is needed for your situation.

Q. What form of payment do you accept?
A. We accept cash, debit & all major credit cards. A small fee of 2 - 4% will apply for credit card payments & a $1.00 fee will apply for debit transactions.

Q. What does it mean to be a signer/guarantor?
A. If you act as the signer on a bond you could be held liable for the face amount of the bond plus any additional court costs or costs incurred in re-arresting the defendant if that defendant fails to appear to any court date. You will be required to sign a legal and binding contract stating that you are liable for these costs if the defendant fails to appear. You are liable until the case is complete, NOT JUST UNTIL THE FIRST COURT DATE.

Q. Can you recommend an attorney?
A.  Unfortunately not, it is illegal for a bonding company to recommend an attorney.

Q. Can I take my name off someone's bond as a signer?
A. To go off of a bond is a legal process. Under very rare & complicated circumstances this may be possible, however, keep in mind that the purpose of having someone sign a contract is to legally bind them to an agreement.  If a client is in violation of their bond conditions, we can submit an affidavit to the court asking to be released from the bond. IT IS AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE JUDGE TO RELEASE US FROM THE BOND AND IF THE JUDGE DENIES OUR REQUEST, WE CANNOT RELEASE YOU FROM THE BOND. You are also not released until the defendant is arrested on the off bond warrant.  If a dispute arises between you and the defendant or if you feel the defendant will not appear in court you should advise us as soon as possible so that we can evaluate all of our options.If the defendant would like to replace you with another qualified signer, we can easily remove you from the bond.

Q. Will I receive any money back when the case is complete?
A. The fee you pay is to have someone released from jail. No matter what the outcome of the case is, this fee is non- refundable.


Q. What do I need to do while on bond?
A. Please review the Conditions of Bond that were explained to you at the time of the bond.

Q. Can you recommend an attorney?
A. It is illegal for a bonding company to recommend an attorney.

Q. When will I receive a court date?
A. This depends on the type of charge and the court in which your charge is out of. Individuals charged with class "C" misdemeanors & Hays County clients that posted class "A" or "B" misdemeanors will probably have received a court date at the time of the bond. Most other charges can take anywhere from one to six months to receive a court date. At the time of your bond, your agent will inform you of your court date, when to expect a court date or instruct you to contact a court. The courts, attorneys & bond companies try to keep defendants informed of any court appearances, however, it is imperative that you are diligent in communicating with all three entities to ensure that you are never uninformed of a court date!
Q. Will you really hire a bounty hunter if I miss court?
A. We will give you the opportunity to turn yourself in. If we feel like you are not cooperating, then we will hire an investigator to apprehend you.

Q. I have been placed on a pre- trial intervention, is my case complete?
A. No, you will still have to attend pre-trial intervention status court dates. If you are required to check in with us and you are placed on a pre-trial intervention program, you may start checking in once a month instead of weekly.

Q. When can I stop checking in?
A. If you were informed that you are required to check in, you must do so every week until you have completed all of your cases with us and provided us with proof that all cases are complete. DO NOT STOP CHECKING IN JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE GONE TO YOUR FIRST COURT DATE! A case is complete when you have been sentenced to a fine, probation, jail, deferred adjudication or if the case has been declined or dismissed and you have provided us with documentation of the judgment or disposition.

Q. What will happen if I stop checking in?
A. If you fail to check in or violate any other bond condition, the bonding company will request that a judge issue a warrant for your arrest.

Q. I missed a check in, what do I do?
A. In most cases, this will not cause a problem. Just call and check in as soon as possible.

Q. I have retained an attorney, do you need that info?

A. Yes, please provide the name, address & phone number of your attorney.

Q. My attorney told me I could stop checking in, can I?
A. Your attorney should not advise you on the policies of the bonding company. Under no circumstances should you stop checking in unless you have provided us with proof that your cases are complete.

Q. I need to reset a court date, who do I call?
A. Your attorney if you have one, or the court. If the court is not willing to reset your date, you must appear. If you miss a court date, a warrant will be issued for your arrest, and your signer will be held financially liable for your bond, plus court costs.

Q. Can I leave the state/country temporarily?

A. In most cases, this will not pose a problem. You will need to call and inform us of the dates, location and contact info.

Q. Will I receive any money back when the case is complete?

A. The fee you paid was to secure your release from jail and is non- refundable no matter what the outcome of the case is.